Vans' 'Love Me' Shoes Aren't Just For Valentine's Day

Along with Venessa Arizaga's bone-beaded "Let's" bracelets, Vans' LOVE ME capsule collection is a solid Valentine's Day choice for the heart-covered-doily-and-talking-teddy-bear averse. Done in collaboration with artist Curtis Kulig, the three-sneaker range incorporates graffiti prints, paint splatter motifs and black accents to deliver the sentimental message in a non-saccharine way.

When the shoes hit stores on February 1, the brand is celebrating with a huge party—headlined by a live Sky Ferreira performance—at Space15Twenty Urban Outfitters in Los Angeles. After that, the same space will house a two-week-long pop-up shop and Polaroid art show. You can learn more about those festivities here on Facebook.

And for those who can't make it, there's still lots of non-cheesy V-Day fun to be had on the LOVE ME microsite. (Check it out here.) Our favorite part? The free digital Valentine's Day cards with conversation-heart-worthy sayings ("Adore me!" "Ignore me!" "Hug me!") cheekily scrawled in red shoelaces. It's a quick, quippy, un-cliché way to say that you care and that saves you time for other important stuff this coming February. Like choosing between embroidered high-tops and checkered slip-ons.