Wearing Winter Whites, Inauguration Nail Art and Other Things We're Talking About This Week

1. We suggest potential celebrity faces for some of our favorite fashion labels. (Like Taylor Swift modeling for Ralph Lauren—wouldn't that be the best?)

2. Looking to try the whole "winter white" thing this season? Here are some cloud-colored dresses and styling tips for snowy denim to get you started.

3. Thanks to our fun new app, you can be on the cover of Lucky in a matter of minutes!

4. We found a marked-down piece for every size between 0 and 24.

5. Decide whether Alexa Chung or Rose Byrne wore all-oxblood (or all-burgundy/wine/merlot) better—and shop both ladies' looks.

6. In honor of this weekend's inaugural balls, some very patriotic nail art!

7. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend is here and with it, tons of great shopping promos. Here are 15 you just can't miss.