Why Guys Love White Pants, Winter Skincare Secrets and Other Things We're Talking About This Week

1. From Michelle Obama's crimson Jason Wu gown to the colorful coats her daughters wore to Beyoncé's enormous emerald earrings, we shop the best looks from the 2013 inauguration.

2. Four classic pieces that you should consider buying vintage and the Etsy shops that carry them.

3. How to reinvigorate your winter wardrobe by only purchasing accessories.

4. One of our office's very outnumbered male editors, stand-up comedian Lance Weiss, explains why he loves when ladies wear white jeans.

5. Skip a trip the store and steal these five fashion and beauty items from the dude in your life—you'll thank us later. (Even if he won't!)

6.  Supple skin in sub-zero temperatures is achievable with these 10 pro snowboarder-approved products.

7. All the best shearling-wrapped, bundled-up and beanie-topped celebrity looks from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, along with shoppable versions for your closet.