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Models of the Week: Anastasia Mashukova and Alina Ilie

I was recently on the lookout for a pair of girls who would work together well and complement each other for a two-model story we were shooting with photographer Fabio Chizzola. I ended up selecting Anastasia Mashukova (Supreme Management) and Aline Ilie (IMG Models). But booking the duo all came down to good timing.

We had shot Aline in the past and loved her, so I knew we wanted her to appear in our pages again—that part was easy. I didn’t meet Anastasia, however, until just a couple of days before our shoot was scheduled. And she was only going to be in town for a few weeks before heading back to Russia, so I knew I had to act fast! I think it took only about three hours from the time she came by my office until I pitched her to Fabio and the stylist, and then confirmed her. As you can see in our March issue (on page 152, to be exact), the story turned out great. With Anastasia standing 5'11.5" and Aline at 5'11" they really work well together. They almost seem like sisters!

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