The Best Self Tanner (for Lazy People)

I have a warm skin tone, according to experts (or those little foundation samples you get at drugstores). Many people seem to think this is a blessing, but in reality, it takes work to keep up my reputation of looking bronzed year-round! And unfortunately, by the time winter arrives, my flesh is usually more of a drab grayish-green hue than a golden brown. See what I mean?

For me, tanning salons are out of the question. My days of high school visits to the electric beach always resulted in my chanting the word “cancer” for 12 minutes straight and mentally replaying the scene from I Still Know What You Did Last Summer when Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character gets locked in a booth and almost fries to death.

My attempts at self tanners were even more traumatizing. After trying several tans-in-cans, I always seemed to end up blotchy...

I'll admit, I think reading directions is a waste of time, and I'm too impatient to diligently exfoliate every crevice of my pasty skin. I always forget which areas I’ve already smeared (resulting in a streaky body) and have a tendency to get distracted while waiting for the goop to dry (thus staining everything I touch).

I had just about given up on looking sun-kissed until my equally lazy roommate introduced me to these:

Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes, $48,

Not only do these Kate Somerville tan wipes have the perfect amount of scent-free product in each teensy towel—so you can’t go overboard—but they dry immediately, which means you can use them without everyone knowing you just insta-tanned yourself.

Goodbye, wintry wash-out!

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