A Dude's Perspective: Fingerless Gloves

I have a personal list of things all women love. Here are just a few: hummus, guacamole, the booth side at restaurants, taking pictures at brunch, Nutella, pajamas, etc. The list goes on and on—I could go all day. But I won't, because this blog is about what the fellas like. And here is something all dudes can support: fingerless gloves.

Oh yeah! Fingerless gloves are awesome. And we, the men, love them. I've been seeing these out on the streets recently, and they are sweeeet. Every time I see a girl sporting gloves and bare fingers, it piques my interest. It shows a girl's got a bit of adventure, a bit of edge—and that's something I can totally get behind! Also, obviously, they keep the core of your hands warm (which is great because no dude wants to hold a little cold hand that feels like a dead fish), but they also free your fingers so you can Instagram photos of your man walking through the park with you on Sunday afternoon. These gloves let you stay warm(ish) and cute, while also giving you a little bit of toughness to let the guys know you mean business. They put you in control, as if to say, "Hey, I'm cute and fun, but don't think I can't mess you up in a heartbeat."

Also: They're great for winter thumb wrestling!



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