A Dude's Perspective: Winter Headwear

Hey everybody! This is stand-up comedian Brendan Fitzgibbons. Every week, Lance Weiss and I will be talking about trends we like—from a dude’s perspective.

This week I want to talk about warm headgear (and no, I don’t mean heated braces). With winter in full effect, hats, earmuffs and scarves are great ways to show off your style while keeping your head from turning into a popsicle. There's something inviting and cozy about warm headwear on women. It makes me want to build a fire, give you hot chocolate and take you on a ski trip to Vermont.

I love slouchy knit caps—they make you look sophisticated, and I'll want to talk to you about books that I probably didn’t read. Even fuzzy winter hats give off a refined and welcoming vibe. This is tricky territory, though, because you don’t want your hat to be so furry that you end up looking like you're wearing roadkill or a polar bear's arm. When in doubt, go for my favorite: a tight knit beanie hat. With a cable knit sweater and a snug winter cap, you’re ready for a sleigh ride to snuggle town.


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