The Best 'Thank You Note' Cards

There are many pieces of advice that my parents have given me over the years. Some I choose to listen to, and some not so much. There are the standards: Mom and Dad know best (this would be one I have chosen to ignore on occasion), look both ways before you cross the street, never talk to strangers, (ahem, Catfish) and the most important always say "please" and "thank you." My parents took this saying to the max. Anytime I got a gift I had to write a thank you note. When I was young, a picture and some scribbles would do. But, as I have become older and wiser, monogrammed stationery came into the picture and hand-written letters became the norm. My Bat Mitzvah was a killer. My Jelly Roll pens and I were writing thank you notes all night for months. I'm hoping my future husband has good handwriting because our wedding thank you notes will be a shared task.

Knowing that a thank you note is always on the horizon I have started to expand my stationery arsenal from the "Lisa Goldstein" note cards. The more fun the card, the more fun the note.



I love that you can check off how you are feeling on these cards! "surprised and delighted" "over the moon" and "thanking my lucky stars" are the perfect ways to describe how one feels when they get a gift!