Beyoncé's Rubin Singer Super Bowl Outfit: Shop It Out

Let's face it, kids: the Baltimore Ravens may have technically defeated the San Francisco 49ers in last night's Super Bowl XLVII (final score: 34-31), but it was one Beyoncé Knowles who really won the damn thing. During the widely-watched event's halftime show, Bey wowed the world with a performance that combined some of her best solo hits ("Crazy in Love," "Halo") with—surprise!—a reunion with her Destiny's Child bandmates, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Together, the trio belted out "Bootylicious," "Independent Women" and "Single Ladies"—and we fully flipped out.

To create her stage outfit, as well as those for her dancers and Michelle Williams, Beyoncé turned to NYC-based designer Rubin Singer, with whom she's worked many times in the past. According to this morning's press release, the pair began working on Bey's look back in December, and it took five fittings and over 200 hours of work to finalize.

The end result? A black leather cropped moto jacket with bold shoulders and a matching wrap skirt, which the star quickly removed to reveal an armor-like black leather bodysuit crafted from panels of python, iguana and lace. Based on Singer's Fall 2013 collection, titled "Valkyrie's Dominion," the ensemble was meant to communicate female power, strength and sexuality—qualities that Bey possesses in spades, obviously.

"This piece is truly couture in every way,” the designer explained. “My seamstresses were assembling all of the leather and exotic skins individually by hand. All of the pieces were separate details that were all constructed on her body. We had to make the bodysuit have a tremendous range of motion and flexibility. Beyoncé is such a fierce and intense performer we could not have the outfit constrict her in any way.”

Mission accomplished, Mr. Singer. Want to get Beyoncé's look but, ahem, "don't think you can handle this?" Try one of the likeminded leather dresses below instead!

Photo: WireImage

Sketch: Courtesy of Rubin Singer

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