Girls Actor Christopher Abbott Plays 'Roshambo' in a Free People Video

The first installment of Free People's new web series, starring Girls actor Christopher Abbott, is totally what the HBO show would be like without all the can't-look-away awkwardness and unflattering wardrobe. Or if the whole thing was just about Jessa.

The short follows two adorably disheveled bohemian types (in equally adorable disheveled bohemian outfits!) as they use "roshambo"—aka "rock, paper, scissors"—to determine their plans. This inevitably results in lots of joyful running through the street, kissing and long meaningful glances, all ending with a fateful goodbye in front of a cab. So…not even close to the hilariousness of watching strung-out Hannah in her neon mesh tank, but much prettier and way more romantic.    

Watch it below for three and a half minutes' worth of a beautiful Brooklyn fantasy.

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