Brighten Up Your Desk With These Essentials

If you have a job that requires sitting at a desk for most of the day, the standard office essentials can seem a little dull. I'm still using the same pen cup I found on our free table when I was an intern—it's really plain and kind of ugly.

Why should the area you spend so much time at be boring? Here are some workplace must-haves that will have your desk looking pretty rad.

1. USB Flower Hub, $18, 2. Scotch Karim Design Pebble Desktop Tape Dispenser, $7.49, 3. Synchronicity Stockholm Desktop File, $20.99, 4. Staple Free Stapler, $8.95, 5. Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery notebook, $17.99, 6. Space Bar, $99, 7. Alessi Chip Magnetic Paper Clip Holder, $60, 8. Pilot Frixion Point Erasable Gel Pens, $10.49 for pack of 6, 9. Logitech Wireless Mouse in Nature Jewelry, $19.99,

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