Dior Launches a New Tumblr Page

Dior's new Tumblr site only went live this morning, so it doesn't yet have the endless scroll of an older, more image-padded account. We sure hope it gets there, though—after devouring the entire page in five minutes, we're hungry for more.

Right now, it includes seven sets of pictures, divided by weeks since the new year, giving a glossy up-close peek at the brand's latest projects. There are GIFS of crystal-lipped models with cat eyeliner primly nodding alongside black and white photos of the label's atelier workshop; detailed couture looks next to handsome menswear models in slim-fitting suits. And, with Paris Fashion Week less than month away, we dare say there'll be some great front row, runway and street style shots added soon, too.

It's totally worth checking out and a spot on your bookmark bar—join the high-res fashion fun now on