Marc Jacobs Designed Coke Cans And More From Around the Web

So this is what Marc Jacobs-designed, limited-edition Diet Coke cans look like, now that he's "creative director" of the beverage brand. [Telegraph]

Ever wonder what Fashion Week is like on acid? Us neither, but apparently it's hilarious and awesome. Here, see the experience chronicled in pictures. [Vice]

Cara Delevingne's the model of the moment. She's everywhere. She's also known for making crazy faces, and these are her most recent and funniest. [MTV Style]

Remember JoJo? She's back. (Also, she was totally into the varsity jacket trend like 10 years before we were.) [NYLON]

On top of bathing suits and tank tops, Spanx is adding jeans to their lineup, making us wonder when they''ll just come out with a clothing line already.  [SheFinds]

Photo via The Telegraph

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