Marc Jacobs Fall 2013: Sepia-ed, Sparkly, So Awesome

I went to my very first Marc Jacobs show last night, so naturally my head was floating in a giddy helium bubble. I'd probably shriek that the collection was awesome regardless of what Marc threw down the runway. Honestly, though, it was. The looks weren't too crazy-conceptual—for Marc, at least, whose championed both pilgrim shoes and Dr. Seuss hats in seasons past—and I liked that.

Sure, there were metallic pajamas, fur stoles and hot pants, and for a gasp-inducing moment, a model who wore those hot pants sans top. But mostly Marc gave us more real-life-ready things, like pretty pencil skirts, sequin gowns and completely gorgeous car coats in jade green, periwinkle and camel. Both my mom and I would wear those pieces, which speaks to their practicality and range.

So the obligatory Marc Jacobs show "WTF is this craziness happening to me?" moment came less from the clothes more from the staging of the show instead. It was, actually, two shows: the second run-through had normal lighting, but the first was conducted basically in sepia, like we'd all slipped into someone's Instagram filter and gotten stuck.

With a giant light at the back of the soundstage casting everything in yellow-brown, it was hard to make out the clothes' true colors and textures as the models circled past us. In a weird way, that disorientation was sense-heightening. When the second, non-sepia-ed run-through happened, we all had laser focus as we untangled what we'd just seen.

Not that I (or anyone more hardened to the MJ magic) would've had trouble concentrating on the clothes without that gimmick. Even if they lacked the what-the-whatness of a hip-bone-exposing skirt suit like last season, their unusually simple "wearability," whatever that means, felt right on point. Less freaky-fantastic, more fantastic. Click through below to see the full collection.

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