Marchesa Is Coming To J.C. Penney Stores Next Month

As of March 1, there will be not one, not two, but three ways for shoppers to get their Marchesa fix. The brand has just revealed that, in addition to its main collection—the bread and butter of black-tie weddings and awards ceremonies—and recently-announced contemporary label, Marchesa Voyage, it's collaborating with J.C.Penney on a line called Pearl.

Named for designer Georgia Chapman's daughter's middle name, the range will focus on special occasion dresses with the same feel as her high-end pieces, but at extraordinarily lower prices. Everything costs between $50 (for a shell) and $250 (for an organza gown). And, lest you think that Chapman's famously fancy fabrics and attention to detail will be lost on mass-produced products, her interview with WWD promises "corsetry," beautiful laces" and "tulle."

"I have really enjoyed this challenge," she said. "It’s amazing what Penney’s can achieve at a price point."

For those who need further convincing, there'll also be a richly decorated Pearl boutique within each of the 500-plus participating stores. Done up with gleaming white fixtures, silk-upholstered armchairs and pearl-draped chandeliers, they'll make a worthy home for the fancy party dresses. Just not as worthy as your own closet, of course.