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Margie Plus: I'm Obsessed With These Pants!

When it comes to these plus size Tripp NYC pants from Torrid, it was love at first sight. I'd previously worn the brand's classic black skinny jeans, but had never seen such a unique half-and-half combo like this before. I first tried them out during New York Fashion Week and was surprised to find that the fit ran a little small, especially since I am a pretty standard size 18.

Refusing to let a little snugness deter me, I decided to wear them anyway. Several hours and a few strategic stretches later, the fit ended up being perfect (although if you don’t want to do all that work, I recommend sizing up). I decided to pair my pants with other black and red pieces, but they'd also look great with a white tee to offset their busy nature.

Click through to shop my exact pants, as well as some other fun plus size pant options.

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Photo: Keegan McCLung

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plus size
plus size