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Margie Plus: The Black Turtleneck

I used to cringe at the idea of owning a turtleneck. After seeing an incredibly chic picture of Audrey Hepburn wearing one, however, I was inspired to try out the look myself. Neckline trends may come and go, but the turtleneck has always been a winter classic. The plain black turtleneck is functional but can be drab—unless styled fashionably. As a plus size girl, I feel more comfortable styling the tight-fitting turtleneck with a high-waisted skirt. These shirts are extremely comfortable, look great dressed up with statement necklaces, and have become my latest wardrobe staple.

Click through to shop some turtlenecks similar to mine—plus a few extras to help you style them.

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Photo: Keegan McCLung


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plus size
plus size