My New Obsession: False Eyelashes

I've never been terribly hung up on my eyelashes. They're dark, kinda long and, when I put in the effort, they take well to mascara. However, while on set at a recent Lucky photo shoot, I was totally schooled.

After working on actual models, the shoot's makeup artist placed me in her chair, focused on my kinda splotchy, barely awake face and very bluntly said, "Babe, you could really use some lash." She whipped out a plastic compact containing little tufts of spider legs—false eyelashes—and went to town, dipping the little bunches in glue and adhering them to my lids, along my lash line. Five minutes later, she was done.

The result? Me, but better. The false eyelashes—which I'd previously assumed were used exclusively by Katy Perry, the Kardashians and the occasional fancy bride—were completely subtle but had that "you look amazing, but I can't put my finger on why" effect. And it turns out they're completely easy to apply without the help of a makeup artist (I tried—it's true). Check out my souped-up lashes at left, then scroll down to buy a set for yourself.

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