NYFW Fall 2013: Day Four Wrap-Up

Midway through NYFW, the stories, sightings and shows just keep getting better! Here's what we've been buzzing about today:

"One of the models was carrying a live—and unbelievably calm—kitty during Tracy Reese. I'm really curious how they got it to stay so still! Elana suggested sedatives and I think she might be right. I mean, that's what it would take to make my cat behave on the runway. Feline sighting aside though, my favorite part of the show was flat, pointy-toed Chelsea boots with almost everything—even the fancy dresses! And after several days of power walking in heels, I bet it was the models' favorite part, too!" — Alison Syrett Cleary, Digital Writer

"Before the DVF show, while waiting in line for the Lincoln Center bathrooms—which, several days into the shows, have certainly seen better days—I found myself standing directly behind late-night TV goddess Chelsea Handler. Rather than seeming grossed out by the state of things, Chels just handled it all with humor. 'Welcome to New York!' she laughed before heading in." — Elana Fishman, Digital Fashion News Editor

"I just want to say that my heart goes out to the interns and assistants who have to dry the runways after they get slicked with snow and slush. A thankless job." — John Jannuzzi, Digital Editor

"I've decided that the weekend shows are by far the best for people watching because of the 'schools out' effect. There are always a few editors, buyers and stylists toting their children along with them to each show on Saturday and Sunday, and those kids are often way better dressed than their parents. It's awesome."— Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer

photo: a Tracy Reese model via @luckymagazine on Instagram

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