NYFW Fall 2013: Day Two Wrap-Up

"The Jason Wu venue was gorgeous, with a huge gleaming chandelier and a polished marble runway. The downside of that flooring? It requires some major last-minute elbow grease to get it gleaming again after muddy-boot-wearing guests made their entrance." - Elana Fishman, Digital Fashion News Editor

"I got a ride from The Man Repeller and she gave me a tank top with a unicorn on it. That was cool. You can buy it on PJK.com, part of her new line. Beyond that, I'd say that watching women try and flex their fashion muscles in a blizzard is already the hit show of the season. Toss the fancy shoes for bean boots and get it right." - John Jannuzzi, Digital Editor

"Nemo (this blizzard, to those unfamiliar) made me change my outfit by 2pm, so I'd count that as a win for the universe and a loss for me. Other than that, the fashion wins were the leather trenches at Rebecca Minkoff and the menswear at General Idea. All I want to wear right now is menswear, and they had these sporty colorblocked turtlenecks that were a lot like what Céline made for this season. I need something like that. Oh, also, Elle Fanning was at Rebecca Minkoff, and she looked great." - Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer

"I had the wrong address for Jenni Kayne this morning, which I learned when the man at the hotel concierge desk told me that there couldn't be a fashion show happening that day. He said he would definitely know about it because he was 'a fashionista.' So hilarious, it kind of made being lost worth it." - Alison Syrett, Digital Writer

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