Snap Poll: Would You Wear a Sexy 'Mood Ring' Dress?

Studies have proven that boys and girls don't communicate in the same way, a cause for much confusion in the early stages of dating. Women agonize over outfits that'll subtly convey interest. Perhaps a black lacy bra under a sheer top? Or three undone buttons instead of two? It's a lot of work for a message that might not even be received.

It might be easier to just slip on a Studio Roosegaarde "Intimacy" dress, as recently featured on The Daily Beast, which becomes transparent when the wearer is aroused.

At first glance, the design just sounds like a full-body mood ring, but it's actually way more nuanced than that. Using microchip technology, it takes a person's pulse to accurately measure sexual excitement. When their heart rate exceeds a certain level, select areas of the garment become clear—as does its owner's intent.

Just picture it: you're on a third date with a dude you're totally into and he's wearing a Tom Ford suit and looking reeeal good. There's wine, witty banter and BOOM! Suddenly your outfit is a little more revealing, eliminating an awkward does-she-or-doesn't-she moment later on. The no-words-needed-ness could also be helpful in serious relationships. Heck, in that case, just putting on the dress would be a telling sign.

Of course, there's also something to be said for maintaining an air of mystery. (And, uh, clothes that aren't going to display your nipples in public without warning.) What do you think..would you wear something that quite literally shows when you're hot and bothered?

See how the piece works in the following video, and then let me know in the comments below!