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Just because 2013 is the year of the black snake doesn't mean you can't sport a bit of color.
The all-over pavé and the stunning white crystal are gorgeous, but—look closely—those red eyes are what's really dazzling about this piece.
New year, new way to wrap a snake. A hand bracelet!
The brushed silver gives this necklace a raw but sophisticated glow.
From across the room, people will see dangly sparklers; up close, sexy snakes.
This vintage-y bangle will add a Cleopatra-like allure to any look.
A slithering twist on the classic hoop.
The snake-head clasp adds a new level of cool to a leather wrap bracelet.
This was spotted coiled around Rihanna's there's that.
Everyone could use a crystal-encrusted pet snake like this.
This delicate ring comes in rose gold, too, so you can wear them in a multicolored serpent stack.
So tough and exotic-looking.
Wrap this around your wrist and it just might give you superhuman powers.