A Dude's Perspective: Rain Gear

Like the saying goes, “April showers bring…oops, you're covered in mud.” Don’t let this happen to you this spring! Here’s a dude’s perspective on how to dress for rainy days.

I like it when women wear rain gear because it says, "Hey, I'm prepared, and I also think wet toes are gross." You can't go wrong with a classic, solid-colored rain jacket, especially one in a darker shade that'll camouflage any accidental mud or weird splashes from cabs. But be careful not to pick a coat that's too puffy or oversized, because then you run the risk of looking like you’re wearing a trash bag or hazmat suit.

No water-resistant outfit would be complete without some durable rain boots and a great umbrella. Why not match your jacket with some cool galoshes? There are so many styles and patterns to choose from. I especially like these Ugg flannel wellies, which make your feet look like they’re really into 1990s-era Pearl Jam. Throw in an oversized umbrella and you’re ready to take on any puddle, hurricane or whatever weather-related disaster Al Gore says is going to happen next.


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Ask A Dude