Watch: American Eagle Outfitters Debuts Spray-On Jeans

Over the last decade, straight leg denim has evolved into stovepipe cuts which have turned into jeggings, so it makes sense that spray-on denim would be the next big thing—okay, not really. But that's how it looks when people's pants are too small. And since Blair Waldorf isn't always around to play fashion police, American Eagle Outfitters has something to say on the matter.

In the retailer's spoof commercial below, several skinny-style zealots happily do go about their day-to-day activities in nothing more than artfully applied blue-body paint from the waist-down. Because they're all in tip-top shape, the film's actors and actresses really do look like they're wearing extra-snug trousers, which is less an endorsement for going bottomless and more for gym motivation. For the rest of us who don't maintain a near-perfect body for our jobs, let's learn something from this—like the importance of wide-legs in one's wardrobe.