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It's a bold-colored power sheath, like what sexy lawyers wear on primetime TV shows. We'd wear it to an engagement party, though: it's pretty and powerful, but has that flirty little kick at the hem that feels festive.


We love the look of swingy, drop-waisted dresses. But we love them even more for dinner parties. They're so cozy during the meal, but even better afterwards—especially if you overeat.
Super-flirty, but not in a predictable way. It's not the cleavage or the body-conscous cut, but the way it falls, like a fancy nightdress from a high-end lingerie store.
Wear it clean and classic with simple studs and pumps, or add a bomber jacket and wedge ankle boots to subvert it a bit. Either way, this dress might be the most versatile of the bunch, which would come in handy if you need to swing from one event to another one with a totally different vibe.
For weddings and showers, we love dresses in traditionally pretty fabrics, like florals and lace. But floral and lace together is even better, of course.
Sequin dresses can get predictable around the holidays; that's why we love wearing them for random weekends during the year instead—like now, when they stand out more. Wear this one wherever you want to get noticed. (Really noticed.)