Catching Fire's Katniss and Effie Go High Fashion for Their Capitol Portraits

Catching Fire, the hugely-anticipated follow-up to The Hunger Games, won't hit theaters until November 22—but already, Panem-dedicated Tumblr Capitol Couture is sharing imagery of the amazing looks our favorite characters will be wearing in the forthcoming flick.

On Monday, the site uploaded a striking portrait of Effie Trinket in head-to-toe Alexander McQueen Fall 2012—and frankly, the Capitol clotheshorse looks to be challenging Katniss Everdeen's whole "girl on fire" status. Her flaming red, intricately ruffled platforms and cocktail dress might just be Effie's finest look to date.

The same goes, however, for Katniss' pictured look, which we can only assume to be her wedding gown. Though the white floor-sweeping creation seems awfully reminiscent of Sarah Burton's handiwork, it apparently isn't a McQueen original—but between the sculptural detail on that bodice (doesn't it look like a lacy mockingjay?!) and the fact that the District 12 champ's finished off the look with one of President Snow's white roses, we almost don't care. The Telegraph points out that a new costume designer, Trish Summerville (who dressed Rooney Mara in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) was brought on for the Hunger Games trilogy's second installment, and we can't wait to see what other looks lie in store for our favorite characters.

What do you think of Effie and Katniss' Catching Fire portraits?

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