Which Brand Just Gave Cate Blanchett A $10 Million Payday?

It looks like Cate Blanchett might be making room in her SK-II filled medicine cabinet for some Georgio Armani products soon. According to Page Six, the actress is the next celebrity face of all the brand's fragrances.

Along with a boatload of free perfume, the Oscar winner will also receive a hefty paycheck for her services. The report states that her contract is worth $10 million dollars, a nice little stimulus to whatever ever she earns making movies.

So besides appearing on even more glossy magazine pages, and having a stellar excuse to go shopping, what does this news mean for the star? Well, for starters, it'll probably affect her red carpet style. Now that she's affiliated with a company that also makes clothing, her public appearances will need to reflect that. It's possible she started this transition last January, by appearing at the AACTA awards in red Armani Prive gown. (You can see it here.) Maybe that was a coincidence, but seeing as it often takes several months for these big money contracts to be negotiated and go through, probably not.

If Blanchett does start exclusively wearing Armani in public, it should work out for everyone involved. Already, her style leans toward lean, sculptural silhouettes, something the Italian label is known for. Better yet, those kinds of styles are made for women of her statuesque build, so she'll make every piece look like a million bucks. Ten million, actually.

photo credit: Fairchild Archive

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