Snap Poll: Do You Prefer Fake or Real Fur?

People have been talking a lot about fur lately. Partially because of its omnipresence during February Fashion Month—fuzzy helmets at Fendi, oversized mink coats at Louis Vuitton, kangaroo pelts at Cushnie et Ochs—and partially because it's such a polarizing trend, a fact that very few major brands directly address.

Topshop, though, isn't one of those companies afraid to share its opinion. The high street chain recently collaborated with PETA on a controversial window display at one of its Oxford Street locations. According to Refinery29 (via Drapers), the finished product includes a pile of cuddly stuffed animals accompanied by a bold-lettered message: "Keep wildlife out of your wardrobe." Stella McCartney is another label that sticks to its convictions, albeit more quietly, by eliminating all animal materials from its production process. (The eponymous designer actually spoke out about the issue more publicly last year, with this video.)

Major bloggers, who are essentially mini-brands in and of themselves, also have thoughts on the matter. Yesterday, Garance Doré wrote an interesting piece about how she doesn't so much has an issue with fur itself, but with how it's created, and in such excess. It really resonated with me, because that's how I feel, too. (And how I think a lot of other people would feel if they watched a video of baby seals being clubbed.) Plus, with so many great synthetic alternatives on the market right now, I feel guilty promoting the real thing when fake looks equally good. That said, I pass no judgement on your own fur-related feelings; it's such a complicated subject that I'd love to hear your thoughts. Share them in the comments below!

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