Introducing It's Birchbox Meets Lululemon

Like Birchbox, two-month-old website has a pretty genius monthly subscription set up. But instead of sending beauty products to members' homes, it sends workout wear. Sleek, simple workout wear that ranges in colors but is always consistently, flatteringly cut. It's sort of brilliant, since we always find it way easier to work out when we have cute new gym clothes as a catalyst, and Ellie makes that happen automatically. Zero effort needed for a trip to Sports Authority or Lululemon. (So in theory, it'd make us more productive and more fit.)

Here's how it works: you're sent two pieces (a top and bottom) from a new 24-piece collection each month, which you can either return (for free) or keep. They're based on a style and fit quiz you fill out upon registration, so the company's stylists know whether to send ankle-lengths tights or looser running shorts. If you love your package, you can shop each collection piece-by-piece, too, to stock up on extras or similar styles.

Actually, even non-members can do that, but we sort of think the membership is great. It's $49.95 per month, which is expensive, of course, but it's also the cost of a single leg in a pair of Lululemon leggings, and you get two full pieces for that price. We'd suggest trying it out for a little if you're like us and enjoy the spur of fancy new fitness wear—you can sign up here.

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