Everyone's Talking About This Louis Vuitton Video

Although Louis Vuitton's latest fashion film has garnered a lot of attention, it's not for the greatest reasons. Done in collaboration with Love editor in chief Kate Grand and director James Lima, the short seems to depict a glamorized version of prostitution—and a lot of people are really upset about it.

According to a report in the Telegraph, several organizations have already spoken out on the issue, including lawyer Dominique Attias, who called the project "an extremely shocking representation of women," in a Liberation op-ed piece. The same article included signatures from several other activists and criticized LV for "assimilating luxury with the world's second most profitable criminal activity after drug trafficking."

The main source of concern is the first half of the video, which features an all-but-naked Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Isabeli Fontana and Edie Campbell wandering around dark alleyways. All four ladies are extremely disheveled and appear anxious. Some of them slip into and out of cars; others languidly smoke cigarettes while their ill-fitting chemises slip off their shoulders. Later on, however, the footage cuts to tamer clips of the brand's Fall/Winter 2013 presentation last month.

Arguably, as the show's set consisted of one long hotel hallway and the collection it featured was mainly lingerie-inspired, the controversial campaign isn't totally out of context. But it's not exactly a perfect fit either. Kate Moss marching down the runway in a sheer beaded nightgown was very suggestive, incredibly sexy and yes, a little post-coital—but did she look like a hooker? Not really; none of the models did. So why do you think the the French company decided to advertise them as such? Since all the backlash started, Grand has apologized on for "any offense caused," but no real in-depth explanation has been offered. What do you guys make of all this; does it change how you feel about the clothes or the brand? Tell us in the comments below!