Five Fashion Kickstarters You Should Back—Today!

We’re always on the lookout for next-big-thing designers, but we also know it costs a lot to make it in the fashion world. Sometimes super-talented people just need a little boost to get off the ground—and to get their amazing designs into your closet. But you can help that happen.

Click through the gallery to discover five style-related Kickstarter projects we think are totally worth supporting. If you like what you see, pledge whatever you'd like before their deadlines roll around. You could get first dibs on some gorgeous designer pieces and feel really good about helping out the next Marc Jacobs or Anna Sui.


Anybody who says fashion isn't art hasn't seen Angela Bacskocky's work. With her project GHOST, she aims to merge photography, film and sculpture with fashion in a multi-artist exhibition show that explores memory, thought and imagination. You have until March 22 to back this endeavor—just $45 will get you an ethereal hand-printed silk scarf and an invitation to the exhibition.

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