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Elliott NYC
The beautiful (and ultra-realistic) prints on these carryalls and statement clutches come from photographer Elliott Kaufman's original shots. We could definitely see the cowhide tote becoming our new everyday bag, and can't wait to get our hands on the stunning peacock pouch—which can be yours, by the way, with a $150 pledge by March 28!
Anybody who says fashion isn't art hasn't seen Angela Bacskocky's work. With her project GHOST, she aims to merge photography, film and sculpture with fashion in a multi-artist exhibition show that explores memory, thought and imagination. You have until March 22 to back this endeavor—just $45 will get you an ethereal hand-printed silk scarf and an invitation to the exhibition.
The Birch and The Bee
We absolutely love everything about this line, from the teensy strawberry studs to the dainty diamond (kind of) ring—all made out of wood. You’ll have trouble narrowing down which pieces you like best! Be the first to snag some of these goodies by backing the project before April 1.
The technology behind NotEqual's unique Golden Ratio-based patterns makes our heads spin, but we're crazy about their cool rope jewelry and goal to create genderless fashion. April 3 is the last day to give your support (and get a wrap bracelet out of it!).
NYC's First Mobile Vintage Shop
Brooklyn-based Laura Lanz-Frolio is looking to take her all-vintage Etsy shop, La Poubelle Vintage, to the streets—and we can't wait to scoop up pieces like these mod shades from her mobile offshoot. Do good and shop—Laura's giving her backers credit to shop her site or truck once they pledge. You have until March 23!