Five Ways to Wear Ruffles

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Budget Fashionista.

Ruffles were a huge trend last September at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013. At first, this gave me an anxiety attack: So...we’re all supposed to look like five-year-olds this season? Fret not. After doing extensive research on my assumed nemesis, the ruffle, I’m thrilled to report that this spring’s fashion statement of frill is not fraught with kindergarten regression. Here are five ways to wear ruffles that'll let you look your age!

Spring 2013′s Ruffle Trend

1. Dress: Ruffle dresses in neutral shades, like this soft peachy-pink, are as classic and mature as you can get. Opt for the adorable and affordable one pictured to the left, by Jessica Simpson and on at for just $128.

2. Etsy: Don’t want to wear your ruffle? Go for a ruffled accessory like a purse. I love Etsy because you can find unique pieces for less. Check out this beige bombshell!

3. Athleta: It’s hard to hide when you can boast a light and pretty ruffled sweater wrap. The wrap aspect makes the ruffle seem less pronounced, so, if you are ruffle-shy, opt for a sweater or a wrap like this ruffle sweater wrap for $98.

4. Target: Feeling bold? Go sleeveless with Target’s women’s line Merona—this top shows off your girly side for just under $20!

5. Heels: Another way to wear ruffles incognito is to have them on our feet. I love these ruffled black heels—subtle, totally hot and absolutely in-trend! I like this pair by Wild Rose on eBay for only $29.99.