Giles & Brother's Philip and Courtney Crangi on Collaborating With JewelMint and Their Dream Of-the-Month Clubs

Last night, we celebrated the launch of Giles & Brother's new collection for JewelMint alongside J.Crew's Jenna Lyons and a number of other industry insiders. In between checking out the baubles, each beautifully displayed in a glass box topped with black candlesticks, we grabbed brother-sister design duo Philip and Courtney Crangi for a quick chat. Read on to learn about the collab's origins, Philip's old-school style icon of choice and their dream of-the-month subscription clubs (JewelMint, after all, delivers fresh baubles every few weeks).

Lucky: Congrats on G&BxJM! How'd the collab come about in the first place?

Philip Crangi: We have some mutual connections [with the JewelMint team], and I've always been a big admirer of what they do. I think they do a really good job of bringing fresh product to a broad audience. I thought it'd be a great opportunity for us.

Looking at the pieces, all those horse bits really stand out. Are they a favorite motif of yours?

PC: At Giles & Brother, I have a certain set of references that I always turn to. One is a really artisanal finish, another is an equestrian-slash-hardware aesthetic. I like to present it in kind of a unisex way—I think that's very sexy, something that looks boyish on a woman but masculine on a man. I always feel like a collaboration works best when you get 100 percent from both teams, and I wanted this to look really Giles.

Are there any strong, feminine style icons you look to while designing?

PC: I've always been really obsessed with Charlotte Rampling. She's so tough but still gorgeous. My other icon is my sister Courtney, who's always been my muse. She's the "Giles" in Giles & Brother—she's a little tough, but still so beautiful.

If you had to pick one favorite piece from the lineup, which would it be and why?

Courtney Crangi: I really like those bits. I think going back to the core of the collaboration, those stay the most true to our brand.

What was your main goal with G&BxJM?

PC: I want you, as a woman, to put it on and be like, "I've been looking for this my whole life. I feel like myself in this."

Finally, since JewelMint delivers new shipments of accessories on a monthly basis, I have to ask: if you could choose anything to have delivered to your doorstep each month, what would it be?

PC: I guess a book-of-the-month club's a little boring, right? Hmm...oh, wine! I'd love a new bottle of wine every month. I'm always trying to learn more about wine, but I can never remember which one I'm drinking!

You know, they've got monthly clubs for everything now—beer, bacon...

CC: Wait, seriously? A bacon-of-the-month club? Sold.

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Photo: WWD/Steve Eichner

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