Rachel Zoe Knocked Down From Her No. 1 Perch on THR's Most Powerful Stylists List

The Hollywood Reporter just released its third annual list of the fashion industry's most powerful stylists—and shockingly, superstar multi-hyphenate Rachel Zoe didn't nab the top spot. Zoe appeared on THR's cover for the mag's inaugural stylist ranking back in 2011, then was deemed "too big to rank" in 2012. For 2013, she's back on the list, but comes in at No. 3. And to add insult to injury, she wasn't shot for any of the four special client-and-stylist covers THR released to promote its list—those honors went to Taylor Swift and Joseph Cassell (No. 13), Zoe Saldana and Petra Flannery (No. 2), Jennifer Lopez and Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn (No. 8) and Julianne Moore and Leslie Fremar (No. 1).

What's perhaps most surprising about Zoe's being dethroned by Fremar is that the former dresses two of the year's biggest screen stars, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence—both of whom took home Oscars last month. Sure, not everyone was crazy about the pink Prada Hathaway wore to the ceremony (nor its slightly scandalous backstory), but surely that wasn't the reason for Zoe's lower ranking. Perhaps her No. 3 placement has something to do with the fact that her ready-to-wear line reportedly "isn't doing Zoe well," to paraphrase a recent New York Post piece. As longtime fans of Zoe, her clients, her ultra-glam aesthetic and her can't-miss Bravo reality series, we wish THR had just continued to categorize her as unrankable. After all, as a designer, TV star and the head of an entire multimedia empire, Zoe can't be called a mere stylist anymore.

Below, check out The Hollywood Reporter's top 10 stylists, along with a list of their respective clients. Then, click through to shop pieces from many of the top-ranked stylists' own clothing lines (or just to preview them—Kate Young for Target, after all, doesn't launch until April 14).

1. Leslie Fremar (Clients: Julianne Moore, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly)

2. Petra Flannery (Clients: Zoe Saldana, Claire Danes, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Faith Hill)

3. Rachel Zoe (Clients: Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes)

4. Kate Young (Clients: Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz, Natalie Portman)

5. Elizabeth Stewart (Clients: Jessica Chastain, Amanda Seyfried, Cate Blanchett, Freida Pinto, Ginnifer Goodwin, Cody Horn, Salma Hayek, Julia Roberts)

6. Kemal Harris & Karla Welch (Clients: Amy Poehler, Justin Bieber, Pink, Olivia Wilde, Hailee Steinfeld, Zooey Deschanel, Anna Paquin, Elisabeth Moss, Imogen Poots)

7. Cristina Ehrlich (Clients: Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams, Allison Williams, Jessica Pare, Tina Fey, Kyra Sedgwick, Ashley Greene)

8. Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn (Clients: Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian, Lily Collins, Rachel McAdams, Shakira, Ciara)

9. Erin Walsh (Clients: Kerry Washington, Kristen Wiig)

10. Jeanann Williams (Clients: Naomi Watts, Emily Mortimer)

Photo Credit: WWD/Steve Eichner

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