Kate Middleton's Baby Confessions

Because Kate Middleton is a refined royal figure and you know, pregnant, she didn't participate in any drunken Saint Patrick's Day shenanigans yesterday. Instead, the Duchess celebrated the occasion by wearing ivy-colored outerwear to a ceremony in Aldershot, Hampshire and pinning little shamrock corsages on members of the Irish National Guard. (Who, rather ironically, were dressed in red and black.)

Still, even without any alcohol, the event had its own share of drama. After getting her heel caught in a sidewalk grate, K-Mid nearly keeled over, saved only by her husband's arm—such a close call! And, there was a bit of baby news, too: apparently she told one of the attending guards that she wants to have a boy and Will is hoping for a girl. Still no official word on which one it's actually going to be, though.

While Kate's bump was slightly more prominent than the last time we saw her, she still looked remarkably svelte for someone with child. Once again, she managed to not only fit in a non-maternity jacket, but one that would look good on most any woman. Check it out in the following video, followed by a slideshow with five similar options, all available online now.