Kate Moss for Playboy And More From Around the Web

Kate Moss might cover Playboy's sixtieth anniversary issue. We've seen her naked before, sure, but this this a whole different ball game. [Telegraph]

Demeter—the perfumer of hyper-literal scents like fresh cut grass or gasoline, beloved by Anthropologie shoppers worldwide—is now making a "zombie " fragrance, too. We imagine it smells like their "dirt" one, just slightly dead-er and rotten. [Racked]

Kellly Osbourne was hospitalized after fainting on the Fashion Police set. No word yet on whose terrible dress was the catalyst. [ABC]

As a flight attendant, seniority determines the length of your skirt. Still, in 2013. [The Week]

Margherita Missoni is pregnant! Here's hoping that baby gets some super-awesome zigzaged rainbow onesies custom made for him/her. [Daily Mail]

Here's where to buy fashion-forward maternity clothes online, if you (like Kimye and Kate Middleton) were wondering. [Racked]

Photo Credit: Fairchild Archive

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