Watch: Kate Moss Reads 50 Shades of Grey On Live Radio

I'm a bit of a Kate Moss fanatic. If you're one, too, then you probably know that for every one of her bajillion campaigns and editorials, there is an interview she turned down or, more likely, a near-mute public appearance. Perhaps it's because she hates the sound of her voice on playback (who doesn't?) or maybe she's just trying to maintain an air of mystery (which she has). Either way, it's pretty obvious that the model would rather have millions of people see her topless than actually have to talk to them.

She will, however, open her mouth for the right price—and cause. The super recently agreed to a live reading of 50 Shades of Grey on British radio show Grimshaw’s Radio 1 in exchange for a £200,000 (roughly $300,000) donation to charity organization Comic Relief. This isn't Moss' first go-round with the comedic charity. Two years ago, she drunkenly seduced a depressed teddy bear—for a good cause, of course. To see Kate make good on her promise watch the video below; you won't be disappointed!

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