Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Their Kimbryo Sat Front Row at Givenchy's Fall 2013 Show

Kate Middleton wasn't the only star showing off her baby bump in public this past weekend. Yesterday, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made a kameo at the Givenchy show in Paris, dressed in appropriately monochromatic ensembles. Yeezy wore a white suit and admirably spotless sneakers, while Kim covered her growing baby bump in a cool, conservative black tuxedo complete with side-striped trousers.

For the record, this marks the baby Kimye's first fashion show—that is, if we're counting in-utero appearances. No word on what the five-months-along little one thought of the floral moto jackets and striped mid-calf boots designer Riccardo Tisci sent out, though his Bambi-emblazoned sweatshirts certainly felt kid-appropriate. Should Tisci choose to launch childrenswear, we know who'll be buying.

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