Lena Dunham Poses For Playboy

Watch five minutes of any Girls episode and you'll learn that Lena Dunham is really comfortable naked. And not just regular, no-clothes-home-alone-on-a-Sunday naked, but like, naked on national television, while performing awkward sex scenes shot from unflattering angles. So one would think, should the oft-nude actress appear on the pages of Playboy, it would be au natural, right?

Wrong. While there are several pictures of the writer/director in this month's issue of the er, men's interest, magazine, none of them show much skin. In one shot, she's wearing mini dress while holding a baggy "I Posed Today" T-shirt; another, she reclines, fully dressed, in a doughnut-shaped chiar. However, given to her usually over-exposed body, something about the covered-up shoot seems even more provocative. It's also very in line with Lena's pro-feminist agenda; she's not ashamed of her birthday suit, rather she's going to flaunt it on her own terms, thankyouverymuch.

Accompanying the images is a 20 question interview with Dunham, which is way more interesting that worrying about her sartorial (or lack there of) choices anyhow. In it, she reveals what she'd do with a Victoria's Secret model's body ("I probably would want to see if I could get free food at restaurants."), her grocery store guilty pleasures ("I cannot get out of the market without six trashy magazines and seven packs of gum."), the most surprising thing in her purse ("A metal spoon.") and more. The whole piece is worth a read—if you've got ten minutes to spare, check it out here.