Shop Miu Miu's New Line of Craquelé Accessories

With less than a week to go before Miu Miu's Fall 2013 show, the brand has given us something to help pass the time. As of yesterday, its new range of "craquelé" leather accessories are available in stores and online. What exactly is "craquelé," you ask? Just like it sounds, the French term describes decorative cracking usually found on pottery and paintings. Here, it's obviously used for neither—but still applies, because Miuccia Prada's designs certainly qualify as works of art.

The shoes and handbags come in various combinations of cipria (a fancy word for blush), red, geranio (bubblegum pink) and black; each one strikes a balances between extremely polished and little bit shabby. It's the same push-pull feeling we got from Miu Miu's sister label Prada's Fall 2013 collection, where disheveled, wet-haired models were sent down the runway in elegant noir outfits. But those looks included some pretty intense styling that's just not for everyone—dresses forcibly shoved off the shoulder, chunky brown belts over flimsy eveningwear—whereas these pumps and satchels are arguably easy to wear, whether with a simple tee or Milan-made ready-to-wear.

Click through the slideshow below to get your craquelé on.