Lucky Haul: The Comfiest Stilettos Of All Time

Last summer, I winced a bit when my bride-to-be best friend said she planned to walk down the aisle in Jimmy Choo nude stiletto sandals—the same pair that I own (great minds?) and was also planning to wear with my bridesmaid dress. I bought them first and didn't have another pair of shoes in my closet that made sense with my outfit, but, well, c'est la vie. Even if no one at the wedding would notice our matching feet, I knew she wanted to her whole ensemble to feel special, head-to-toe, which meant I needed to find another pair of neutral, barely there sandals, stat.

And that's the serendipitous story of how I discovered these Nicholas stilettos, at left, which I bought in beige. After wearing them for the wedding, the shoes that started as Plan B became my go-tos because they are so amazingly, ridiculously comfortable. (Yes, really, despite the four-inch heel.)

The trick is that the straps are padded, so you can cinch them on as tight as you want—no sliding, no wobbling—without them cutting into your feet. It's the genius but invisible-to-the-naked-eye move that made me able able to stand surefootedly during the ceremony and dance for hours without once running over to the wedding planner for a Band-Aid. Now that they're back in stock on Shopbop, I'll absolutely be buying them in different colors, because while I might have a handful of pretty heels, I really only have this one pair that's as polished as it is comfortable. (Plus, unlike my Jimmy Choos, they're a much more reasonable $260. I'm obsessed.)

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