Net-a-Porter's Beauty Section Launches With $715 Face Serum

If you woke up this morning wondering what a $715 face serum looks like, well, you're in luck: simply glance above at Natura Bisse's Inhibit-Tensolift serum. It just landed on Net-a-Porter as part of today's expansion into beauty products, and yes, a single bottle costs more than most people's monthly rent.

Beyond that serum, there are plenty of other luxe lotions, lip colors, oils and tools to ogle, including Joya's $500 solid perfume (which comes in a porcelain dish topped with a 24K gold lid, like an heirloom your grandmother stores knick knacks in) and a bottle of $140 Philip B shampoo (no, it doesn't come with a high-end salon haircut).

Of course, there are some much more reasonably priced creamy lipsticks and easy-to-smudge eyeliners to browse, too, as potential things we could actually buy. But it might be just as much fun to virtually window shop the fanciest beauty products in stock, the way we would dream dresses or fantasy shoes. (Because seriously, $715 for a face serum is insane.) Ogle it and all the full stock of Net-a-Porter-approved beauty products here.

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