Never Thought I Would Love It: Becca Cosmetics Face Primer

When it comes to my face, I strive for the “no makeup” makeup look. I love tinted moisturizer and mascara for everyday use and, if I’m feeling fancy, I add a little eyeliner and blush—standard stuff. Using primer never crossed my mind, it always seemed like an unnecessary extra step and meant for someone who swear by super serious foundation. After test-driving the silicone-free Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector by Becca Cosmetics, I must admit that I'm in love. The gel-like primer goes on smoothly and has a cooling and tightening effect upon application. It feels kind of weird at first, but that's just the primer working its magic and closing up those large pores (of which I have many).

Over the course of a week, I found myself using this everyday, especially on my oily T-zone, and sometimes without anything over it— it’s that good! My favorite thing about this particular primer is that it has crazy clinical strength; it keeps my skin even and matte all day long. Perhaps it's time I say goodbye to those blotting papers, powders—and maybe even my tinted moisturizer.

Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector by Becca Cosmetics, $36,

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