Shop It: Round Sunglasses

Waking up slightly later than usual, feeling sorta delinquent about it: that was the thing to do on Sunday morning. At some point in the night (or 2 AM, specifically) daylight savings time happened, shoving most of us out of our normal sleep schedules.

It was a bit of an annoying shift, until I found myself reaching for a pair of sunglasses as I left the gym at 6 PM. It hasn't been fully light out that far into the waking, working, running-errands-hours since, like, last September. It felt marvelous—and, also, like a perfectly good excuse to buy a new pair of shades. The circular ones that were everywhere this fashion week will be my choice. Kitschy and glamorous, they pack both polish and punch. I'm obsessed.

Stripes feel so much fresher than solid black or white.

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