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Most likely you won't be able to out-cleavage or out-miniskirt the other girls going out on the town, so stand out in a dress with a graphic, popping pattern instead.
Nights will be long. Come prepared. This tackles both cheeks and lips for a full 8 hours (promise).
They're basically the intersection of Vegas loudness and high fashion kitsch, and they look way, way more expensive than they are. The instant you lace them up, it's a party.
Vegas is not the place to bring your demure one-piece, as great as it may be. In its place, what could be better than a neon bikini? Two neon bikinis in one reversible suit, that's what. (Bonus points for the flirty cutout sides, of course.)
Plain aspirin is for amateurs. This miracle powder's got caffeine and potassium, too, so it's basically like washing down an Advil with a Coca-Cola and a Gatorade. (Without paying the $14 minibar charge.) It works miracles, trust us.
You'll want to bring something to keep you warm when the temperatures shift at night. (It is the desert, after all.) Rather than a shawl or a cardigan, opt for a leather moto jacket that's got a bit of a devil-may-care attitude.
You won't look like a high roller at the tables when rationing $1 chips, but at the pool slathering this on? Yep. (And not only will it make you feel super-fancy then, It'll stop you from looking like the clich├ęd lobster-colored tourist later.)
 Toss this on with skinny jeans and Converse: from this distance it'll just seem like another cool printed t-shirt, but up close, it's money. Like literally, it's the print on a dollar bill. How fitting.