Our Editor-Approved Spring Break Packing Guide: Las Vegas

Las Vegas nets a whole different breed of spring breaker than beachy attractions like Cancun or Key West do. Those kids—and grown-ups, because adult spring break is totally acceptable in our minds—well, they want something faster-paced than riding banana boats by day and drinking piña coladas in a hammock by night. Or maybe that's not it, and they really just want blocks of cheap hotel rooms attached to water park-sized pools and the lazy, guaranteed entertainment of a casino. Either way, the dress code's definitely different for a Vegas spring break than for one in, say, the Bahamas. Less island-y, more sleek. Pack accordingly if you're going this time of year and you'll fit in like you're a big fish year-round, not just a spring break guppy.

They're basically the intersection of Vegas loudness and high fashion kitsch, and they look way, way more expensive than they are. The instant you lace them up, it's a party.

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