Our Editor-Approved Spring Break Packing Guide: Las Vegas

Las Vegas nets a whole different breed of spring breaker than beachy attractions like Cancun or Key West do. Those kids—and grown-ups, because adult spring break is totally acceptable in our minds—well, they want something faster-paced than riding banana boats by day and drinking piña coladas in a hammock by night. Or maybe that's not it, and they really just want blocks of cheap hotel rooms attached to water park-sized pools and the lazy, guaranteed entertainment of a casino. Either way, the dress code's definitely different for a Vegas spring break than for one in, say, the Bahamas. Less island-y, more sleek. Pack accordingly if you're going this time of year and you'll fit in like you're a big fish year-round, not just a spring break guppy.

 Toss this on with skinny jeans and Converse: from this distance it'll just seem like another cool printed t-shirt, but up close, it's money. Like literally, it's the print on a dollar bill. How fitting.

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