The Best Small Space Beauty Storage Solution: A Spice Rack!

One of the drawbacks of living in New York City is having to deal with extremely limited living space. My bedroom is big enough for my full bed, a dresser and…well, that’s about it. There are basically only two surfaces in my room—the dresser top and the floor—which makes storage a bit of an issue. Items I don’t use daily are packed away under my bed, but making room for my daily necessities, like beauty and personal hygiene products, is a struggle.

When I first moved in, the top of my dresser served as my beauty station. But as I accumulated more products, it was clear I needed a better option. I knew I wanted everything to be both visible and within reach at all times, which ruled out another under-bed box, and the possibility of building upwards on my dresser using stacking drawers wasn’t appealing. Then one day while visiting my parents, I found the perfect solution in a Container Store catalog; an over-the-door spice rack. It wouldn’t take up much space—and the area it would occupy had been previously unused anyway.

Now I keep almost all my beauty products on the rack, stowing small items like nail polish and eyeshadow in the shallow bins and using the deeper ones on the bottom for things like shampoo and makeup bags. As a bonus, the rack itself is easy to customize—since the bins are sold independently, you can choose which ones (and how many of each) you'd like. Right now, I've got all my products perfectly placed, but knowing that I could just move my bins around and buy more for future acquisitons puts me at ease.


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