Video: Yoko Ono's Make-up Tips For Men

If a regimented beauty routine overwhelms the guy in your life, perhaps he'll prefer Yoko Ono's more, eh, freeform approach to men's grooming. Apparently the infamous performance artist has a lot to say on the matter—so much, in fact, that she's listed it all in a little video for Opening Ceremony, complete with dudely makeup tips for day, evening and dawn. (Yes, dawn.)

Rather than focus on any wash-tone-moisturize silliness, or make mention of any product at all, she gets to the very essence of things with gems such as "If you see a rainbow in the sky, breath it in" or "Let everything in your room sparkle." Which, okay, kind of makes sense to us—because who doesn't feel more pretty when rainbows and sparkles are involved? You've just GOT to watch the whole thing; check it out below.

YOKO ONO "Make-Up Tips For Men" from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.