A Dude's Perspective: Why Every Woman Should Own A Pair Of Surfer Sandals

Awesome sandals! Summer is quickly approaching, and you're gonna need a solid all-around sandal to get you to the park, the boardwalk, the mall, the beach, etc.! I'd like to see these colorful Reef Sandals on a woman—wear them with a dress, shorts or whatever. Like I said, all around.

Reefs are the best. I grew up surfing along the east coast of Florida, and I was always on the lookout for good sandals that I could wear all day. My buddies and I would surf in the morning, get in the car, go to Taco Bell, go back to the beach, surf some more, skateboard in the afternoon, then go to beach bars at night—and I would sport a pair of Reef sandals the whole time. When you're out and about the entire day, you don't want to have to change clothes and shoes, you just want to hop from one awesome adventure to the next. I've tried many different brands of sandals, and Reefs always seemed to be the most durable, stylish and comfortable: No plastic to sever off a big toe! These will get you where you're going this summer, and help you stay fresh and look cool while doing it. Get some. Then go get yourself some fun. And a Chalupa. Also, the #6 spicy chicken combo at Wendy's is pretty great, too.



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